The much-debated Question

Then there was (and still is) the much-debated question of how tight the corsets were actually worn. A good indicator for the degree of tightness, rather than just the waist size, is the hipspring, which is the difference between the hip and waist measurements. An uncorseted figure has eight to ten inches of hipspring, which increases with moderate lacing to twelve or up to fifteen inches. Devoted tight lacers can train from fifteen to twenty inches of hipspring.

The fifteen to twenty inch hipspring examples shown below could range from 34-19-34″ to 42-24-44″ for Bust/Waist/Hip measurements. As shown above, only the left image could be considered a “hand span” waist, whereas the others cleary do not, yet they all show the appeal of the large hipspring with their well balanced proportions. These represent ideal proportions, without always requiring the extremely small waist. Nevertheless as a consequence of the female population outnumbering males during the 19th century, young women in search for suitable husbands did compete with each other and laced their waists down as small as possible to approach the ideals of beauty. A small tight waist added to the overall presentation and improved maritability. A preserved phrase indicating such: Read more »


Corseting in the 50′s “New Era Look”


Corsets are not just from the 19th Century…

During the 1950′s they reappeared on the fashion scene.

Some Fabalous 50′s Corset Wearers

Marilyn Monroe
Kim Novak
Brigette Bardow
Sophia Loren
Elizabeth Taylor

Modern Day Corset Wearer

The modern day wearer…

has a varied background. A homemaker who just wants something different for herself, tries a corset and finds herself hooked. Those who have gotten used to the corset for moderate figure modification have come to enjoy it so much that they engage in more advanced figure training, eventually reducing their waistlines by six to eight inches or more. Sylphide in Germany demonstrates what can be achieved by committing to figure training, and there are now many more like her, in Europe, the US, and Japan. Read more »